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Rehabilitation stays Treatments



A dry massage performed by a machine with a vibrating membrane. The vibrations are induced by high-pressure water flowing through the device. The operation and effect of the treatment is similar to a classic massage.


This is drainage or massage performed with the aid of equipment for sequential compression massage of the upper and lower limbs and pelvic girdle, buttocks and abdomen.


Low-frequency alternating currents on the basis of low-intensity direct current used in electrotherapy. Depending on the current used, the therapy brings an analgesic effect and improvement in blood circulation effective in degenerative and post-traumatic conditions.

Lymphatic drainage

This is a physiotherapy treatment, during which special gripsare applied, carried out in accordance with the flow of lymphatic fluid toward the heart. They are slow, circular motions of the hand applied with very little force and resembling a scooping movement. Frequent repetition of these grips within one treatment leads to stimulation of the lymphatic vessels and thus to an increase of their activity, which permanently increases the transport capacity of the lymph.

Massage chair

Activates the energy in the body and improves blood circulation via mechanical massage. The massage technique is concerned with rhythmic compressions of the points of the body in an appropriate sequence, through which the therapeutic effect of the massage is aimed at strengthening the body’s defences. Through the action of the therapy on the nervous and circulatory system self-regulating processes are activated in the body. By using this method we interact on many diseases and ailments directly related to the spine.


We offer group exercises (ladders, mattresses, medicine balls etc) and individual exercises.


A water massage resulting in relaxation of tissue, reduction of nervous tension, improvement in blood circulation and pain relief.


A healing method which consists in placing aerosols into the respiratory tract through the use of equipment for inhalation medicines.


These currents are similar to diadynamic currents, but stronger and more enjoyable for the patient. This is due to an easier overcoming of resistance of the skin. The biological action of the interference depends on the frequency. They exert an analgesic effect, dilate the blood vessels and improve circulation and nutrition of tissues.


This is an electrotherapeutic procedure based on the introduction of drug ions into the tissue by using a direct current. During the procedure the effects of the direct current and the drug used, e.g. analgesic and anti-inflammatory, sum up.

Brine bath

The effect of these baths is the stimulating action of sodium, calcium magnesium, iron and carbonate ions on the end of the vasomotor nerves. Bathing with additional salt causes dilation of the skin vessels, strengthens the skin and reinforces its resistance to allergies. A brine bath reduces the infiltrations, haematomas and swelling, the epidermis becomes soft and delicate. Bathing, by stimulating circulation, exerts an analgesic effect and relaxes the muscles.

Whirpool bath

This is a gentle massage with swirling water, partially applied on the upper or lower limbs. The water is made into a whirling motion by a water turbine driven mechanically. The treatment improves blood supply to the extremities, activates cutaneous receptors, and has a positive effect on tense muscles and stiff joints.


An ultra-cold treatment, reducing the temperature of the tissue. The aim of cryotherapy is to reduce the temperature of the skin and deeper layers of tissue, thereby causing deep congestion around the area of the given treatment. Cryotherapy has a mainly analgesic and congestive effect.  

Bioptron lamp

Irradiation by biostimulation light simulating solar radiation without the UV factor. The lamp emits polarized light similar to sunlight but devoid of the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Its gentle action supports regeneration, facilitating treatment and a return to the internal balance of the body. It hastens the healing of wounds and skin ulcers.


This is a modern physical approach providing the body with energy in the form of light. It acts directly on the tissue without damaging it. Laser therapy has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and resorptive action, and accelerates the healing of wounds. It gives an improvement in degenerative arthritis, musculoskeletal dysfunction, inflammation of the periarticular, and difficult-to-heal wounds.  

Magnet therapy

This is a physical treatment which involves the use of a slowly-changing magnetic field, which has a positive effect on the metabolism and increases energy conversion. The treatment acts as an analgesic, a sedative, an anti-inflammatory, and an anti-oedematous, which improves the processes of tissue respiration, accelerating the healing of wounds and fractures.

Classic massage

It involves the direct influence of mechanical stimuli to the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle. It is performed, depending on the indications, with different movements and grips of one or both hands.

Mud wraps

They are particularly helpful in the treatment of inflammatory arthritis and inflamed soft tissue. They overheat the tissue, loosening it and relieving or even eliminating pain. They also have a bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect on the tissue, as an astringent and an anti-inflammatory, increasing the absorption of exudates, affecting hormone secretion, mainly of the adrenal and pituitary glands.

TENS currents

Medium and high-frequency currents which act strongly against pain. The analgesic effect is based on the extinguishing of pain by stimulating the nerves. This procedure is used in the treatment of muscle pain syndromes, spine and joint pain syndromes, and neuralgia.


This is a combination of very high temperature and high or low humidity (depending on the type of sauna) which regenerates the body, improves blood circulation as well as increases the body’s resistance. Time spent in the sauna ranges from a few to a few tens of minutes. After time in the sauna one usually takes a cool shower.


A treatment which uses infrared radiation emitted by one of the filters – red or blue. Use of the red filter: inflammation of soft tissues, accelerating the resorption of exudates, skin lesions and poorly-healing wounds, myalgias, decreased muscle tone (especially before a massage or kinestherapeutic exercise). Use of the blue filter: analgesic, constriction of blood vessels, nerve pain, post-traumatic conditions.


The treatment uses mechanical vibration at a frequency of 800-24000 kHz. It has an analgesic effect, reducing muscle tension, inhibiting inflammation and widening the blood vessels.

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